Smart and simple thermostat that learns your schedule,
with redesigned UI for comfort in the rooms that matter most.


The minimalist thermostat was designed as a part of the Render Weekly design challenge. The theme was “minimalism” and how it can be applied to home thermostat. I tried simplifying the experience and allowing the control with the one movement. A simple line and numbers without any unnecessary icons were sufficient to make the product logical and easy to use.


“The purpose of minimalism is to make life of the consumer easier. A job that a designer does not do is the job that a consumer will have to do — continually throughout the lifetime of a product. When a designer decides to manifest an interaction that can be accomplished with one knob as three buttons, he dooms the consumer to do three things instead of one for the whole life time of the product. Multiply this by the number of products sold and this negligence becomes a catastrophe.”