Firefly is a table designed for the outdoor parts of restaurants, cafes or even homes. This table does not have a need for candles as it has an inbuilt lamp that charges during the day using solar power. During the day, the lamp is located inside the middle radius of the table. When night comes, the top part of the lamp is pressed, the lamp pops out and begins to shed light across the entire top of the table. The bottom part of the lamp is located above the stencil of the cafes choice (or the choice of the producers of the table) so that the text or logo is projected onto the foot of the table. The innovation of this design is the fusion of the functionality of the table and the message that the lamp projects onto the foot of the table. That message can be anything, from the logo or slogan of a firm (since we are in a predominantly advertising era) to an intimate message, picture or symbol.

  • Client

    Personal Project

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  • Software Used

    Rhinoceross 3D
    Maxwell Render